Spring Consulting Opportunities

Maple Trail Ministry Consultants is gearing up for a pretty busy spring semester with several opportunities to equip and train leaders all over the state of Kentucky. Here is a brief overview of where Maple Trail will be this spring.

January 24 – Bethlehem Baptist Church, Cunningham, KY – Shane Garrison & Brandon Carrier will be leading a Bible Study Teacher Training for children, youth, and adult teachers.

February 6-7 – KBC Deacons-Pastors-Spouses Retreat, Lexington, KY – Shane Garrison will be leading two breakout sessions for deacons.

February 15 – March 15 – Columbia Baptist Church, Columbia, KY – Stewardship Emphasis – Shane Garrison, Jennifer Garrison, Phillip Brunner and Andrew Dyer will be helping CBC grow in their stewardship efforts using a variety of ministry strategies and options.

March 6-7 – Blackford Bapt. Assoc. Youth DiscipleNow Weekend, Pellville, KY – Shane Garrison will be preaching the main sessions for the students and training the youth leaders in afternoon workshops.

March 8 – Lewisport Baptist Church, Lewisport, KY – Shane Garrison will be preaching at his home church to celebrate their 150th year anniversary.

April 26 – Campbellsville Baptist Church – Shane Garrison will be preaching during the morning worship services.

May 18-19 – KBC Youth Minister’s Retreat, Georgetown, KY – Shane Garrison will be training youth pastors from around the state in the changing youth ministry paradigms.


May 24 – July 7 – Main Street Baptist Church, Alexandria, KY – Shane Garrison will be preaching for seven weeks.

Additional dates and ministry consultants are available.  If your church or Christian organization is in need of ministry support, please consider giving Maple Trail a call today. 


About shanegarrison

I am a married, 30-something living in central KY. I serve as an associate professor of Educational Ministries and Vice President for Enrollment Services at Campbellsville University.
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