Helping a Youth Ministry Get Started


Brandon Carrier

Maple Trail ministry consultant Brandon Carrier is working with Hopewell Baptist Church in Harrodsburg, KY, on how to begin a youth ministry strategy in a sister church.  Carrier leads the youth ministry at Pioneer Baptist Church in Harrodsburg, were he serves as the associate pastor. 

Carrier was sought out by Hopewell pastor Brian Burkhead.  Burkhead knew that he needed help in getting the youth ministry off the ground.  The Hopewell youth ministry has been inactive for several years and leaders in the church are seeking to reach students for Christ.

Burkhead and Carrier are meeting regularly on how to launch this effort and how they can work together is seeing more teenagers in Mercer Country involved in the local church.


About shanegarrison

I am a married, 30-something living in central KY. I serve as an associate professor of Educational Ministries and Vice President for Enrollment Services at Campbellsville University.
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One Response to Helping a Youth Ministry Get Started

  1. Logan Hazelwood says:

    I am very pleased to see what Hopewell Baptist is doing in order to build a strong student ministry program. I have had the opportunity to meet Brandon Carrier and I only hear good things about him, so I am sure that he will be a tremendous help in guiding the beginning strategies of a youth program. I am from Mercer County and live within ten minutes of Hopewell Baptist so it exciting to see the direction the church is going in. Hopewell is just down the road from the church I have grown up in- Kirkwood Baptist, so if there is anything we can help out with please fill free to contact me. God Bless

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