Columbia Bapt. No. 4 Finished

Maple Trail Ministry Consultants finished their fourth consulting with Columbia Baptist Church in Adair County Easter Sunday, 2010.  This most recent consultation focused on Sunday school development and administrative support for the Find It Here initiative.

Dr. Ted Taylor, transitional pastor of CBC, has been overwhelmingly pleased with Maple Trail’s continued efforts. “If you think about what a church might need in way of administration or ministry development over the course of a two year period, Maple Trail has provided nearly all of that for us.”

In actuality, it has been more like 14 months since Columbia Baptist Church and Maple Trail began their ministry relationship.

It started in February 2009 when Maple Trail was asked to lead the church through a 6-week stewardship emphasis including stewardship preaching, a 5-week Sunday school emphasis, personal finance seminars and private financial counseling for families and individuals.  Additionally, the church requested Maple Trail’s church administration consultant Phillip Brunner to take a look at church giving records and financial trends to help the Stewardship Committee.  This initial consultation formed a strong relationship and trust within the church.

In the summer months, Maple Trail was asked to return to help the church Personnel Committee update job descriptions and complete compensation studies for all staff positions.

Then again in October, Maple Trail president and lead consultant Dr. Shane Garrison spent three months with the Constitution and By-Law Committee revamping a 30-year old document.  The completely revised document went into action January 1st.

Then again in February 2010 was asked to support the church with the Find It Here initiative, a Kentucky Baptist Convention initiative to invite every Kentuckian to worship on Easter Sunday, and strategically develop the Sunday school.  Garrison again helped the church implement a new member curriculum, conducted two teacher training events, and created a working strategy for Sunday school growth.

There is little doubt that Columbia Baptist Church has been the most supportive church of Maple Trail Ministry Consultants.  With four consultations behind them, who knows what the future may hold.


About shanegarrison

I am a married, 30-something living in central KY. I serve as an associate professor of Educational Ministries and Vice President for Enrollment Services at Campbellsville University.
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