Fall Ministry Opportunities for Dr. Garrison

Maple Trail Ministry Consultants president and lead consultant Dr. Shane Garrison will be serving in a variety of settings this fall.  Here is brief overview of the fall schedule.

August 5:  January Bible Study Preview: Galatians at Campbellsville University.  Garrison will be two sessions on Galatians 3 -4 helping pastors and teachers dissect this important New Testament Book.

August 22: Garrison will be preaching @ Bethany Baptist Church, Louisville, KY.  Garrison is being considered for Bethany’s interim pastor.

September 11:  KBC Super Saturday, Williamsburg. Garrison will be working with Sunday school leaders and teachers in 3 workshops entitled Great Expectations for Sunday School, Moving Attenders from Spectators to Participants, and Reaching Adults for My Class.

September 13: Garrison will be presenting for the Campbellsville Univ. School of Theology Biblical and Theological Lecture Series. His paper topic is “Postmodernity and the Shift in Millennial Christianity.”

September 18:  KBC Super Saturday, Bowling Green. Garrison will be leading two deacon ministry sessions entitled Deacon Teams and Healthy Conflict Management.

September 23-24: Campbellsville Univ. Pastors and Church Leaders Conference.  Garrison will be leading a workshop entitled “Leadership Across the Generations” along with Dr. Ted Taylor.

October 5 – 9: Garrison will be leading a group of students to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA.

October 16: Garrison will be preaching at the annual Youth Revival hosted by St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Columbia, KY.


About shanegarrison

I am a married, 30-something living in central KY. I serve as an associate professor of Educational Ministries and Vice President for Enrollment Services at Campbellsville University.
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