Consulting Models

Maple Trail has multiple consulting models to choose from.  These models allow the church or organization to select the plan which works best for their individual situation.  While these models are the primary avenues for consulting, Maple Trail offers great flexibility to best fit the needs of the church or organization.

Each model consists of varying levels of involvement and preparation by Maple Trail.  These variations require varying degrees of compensation by the church or organization.

Three consulting models exist:

The One-Day On Site Training Model
The One-Day Model brings a Maple Trail Consultant to your location to lead the church or organization through a series of training sessions directed toward a particular need.

The One-Day model is the most affordable consulting service.

The Weekend/Retreat Model
The Retreat/Weekend Model allows a Maple Trail Consultant to come to a staff or leadership retreat and conduct multiple training modules over the course of the weekend.  The organization will select up to 5 areas they would like Maple Trail to assist them in.

The Weekend/Retreat Model has a moderate cost, but is determined through a contract agreement.  The cost is dependent upon the number of consultants needed for the weekend/retreat experience.

The Observation, Analysis and Training Model
The Observation, Analysis and Training Model allows a Maple Trail consultant to spend a significant amount of time with the church or organization.  The consultant or consulting team will observe the normal practices of the organization, conduct surveys and interviews for analysis, and then create multiple training events to answer the needs found in the analysis.

This model is most extensive consulting service provided by Maple Trail and is therefore the most expensive.

Custom Made Training and Consulting
While these consulting models are the most utilized options, we can custom design your model to fit your organizational needs.  We are flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to help your ministry develop.


*** No church or organization should let cost deter them from contacting Maple Trail Ministry Consultants for help.  Price negotiations can, and will be, made according to the size of the organization and available budget funds.

In other words, our commitment is to serve Christian churches and ministries and we will not let cost stop us from doing what God has called us to do.