What is Maple Trail Ministry Consultants?
Maple Trail is a non-profit ministry consulting firm serving churches and Christian ministries with various consulting services.

The Maple Trail Mission
Our misson is to serve churches and parachurch organizations in ministry development and implementation strategies. 

The Maple Trail Vision
Our vision is to fulfill Ephesians 4:12 in “equipping the saints for the work of ministry.”

Who does Maple Trail serve?
Maple Trail primarily serves churches and Christian ministries in Kentucky, southwest Ohio, Tennessee, and southern Indiana.

The Maple Trail Story
Maple Trail was founded in 2008 by Shane Garrison, assistant professor of Educational Ministries at Campbellsville University.  After serving in multiple congregations for nearly 10 years, Garrison transitioned into full-time teaching.  Yet his desire was to continue serving and equipping those in Christian ministry. 

While he would be teaching future pastors, ministers, educators, missionaries, and other Christian leaders at Campbellsville University, he did not want to disconnect from those presently serving in those areas.  From that God-given desire, Maple Trail Ministry Consultants was born.

Why the name “Maple Trail?”
Maple Trail is headquartered in Campbellsville, KY.  Campbellsville University has a main path on campus known by all as the “maple trail” because it is lined with numerous maple trees.  In the fall, these great maple trees transition into a panaramic view of autumn.  Their leaves cover the streets and sidewalks making the maple trail one of the most beautiful scene.  It is like you have stepped into a painting.

In the same way, we want to help ministries transition into a new season of success.  We want them to flourish and mature like those maple trees along that path.  Our name communicates our central Kentucky location and our intended purpose of helping churches and ministries transition like the colors of the fall leaves.

Who are the Maple Trail Consultants?
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What does Maple Trail do?
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Which consulting model would work for you?
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How can I get in contact with Maple Trail?
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