Maple Trail Ministry Consultants are available to assist churches and parachurch organizations in the following areas:

  • Development of mission, vision, and purpose statements
  • Church administration strategies
  • Church personnel and human resources
  • Christian school administration and board development
  • Church discipleship strategies and methodologies
  • Bible study teacher training
  • Church leadership development
  • Elder & Deacon ministry training
  • New member assimilation
  • Church imaging and outreach
  • Church publications and website development
  • Financial counseling for individuals
  • Church stewardship strategies
  • Benevolence ministry development
  • Non-profit board development
  • Youth ministry strategies
  • Children’s ministry strategies
  • Community demographics analysis
  • Adding additional worship venues/services
  • Digital media, video editing, film production

In each of the areas, the church or organization can choose how Maple Trail will assist them in their ministry efforts.

Maple Trail has three basic consulting models to choose from.  These models are:

  1. The In-house Training Model
  2. The Retreat/Weekend Model
  3. The Observation, Analysis, and Training Model

Go to Consulting Models for full description of each service. Variations of these consulting models are available and can be arranged by contacting Maple Trail.

Maple Trail seeks to be a blessing to the church and its leaders, therefore, whatever ministry development needs are present and we will do whatever is necessary to assist in God’s kingdom work.